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Strapped Animals
The lives of bedroom beauties on the road

There exists an Urban Tradition among truck and van drivers of strapping found stuffed animals on their grills and allowing them to weather and rot. In 2000, I tracked hundreds of trucks with plush grill ornaments.

Cracky Mouse

Dirty Bear
Delivers you love

Drunk Dog is King
One bloodied glove, a flower behind one ear, a pissle, body tattoos, camo hat and begging for change with a Dunkin' Donuts cup (there was change in the cup) and clearly he has been drinking. It's tough making a way in the city.

Grill Coyote
As time goes by and if the animals stays around other pieces get incorporated, creating scenes.

They are everywhere. While this club scene alien is popular nothing beats ALF. They must have made millions of ALF dolls.

#1- What is this?

#2- How will my dog respond to an Urban Beast?

#3- Have you ever been attacked by an Urban Beast?

#4- Where do Urban Beasts live?

#5- Who is doing this?

#6- Where else are Urban Beasts being exhibited?

#7- Can my stuffed animals become feral?

#8- What does an UrbanBeast pelt go for on the open market and what would be the "choice

#9- Who is interested in your Beasts? I mean, what type of people? seriously!

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