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The Bates College Cryptozoology Exhibition
"Out of Time Place Scale"
June 2006- October 2006

Thanks to Emily Bliquez and the editors at TinHouse for including the Urban Beast Project in their Graphic Issue (#29).

The Urban Beast Project is
a proud member of the
Minnesota Association
of Rogue Taxidermists.


The zoology of dreamers is far poorer than the zoology of the Maker.
Jorge Luis Borges

The Urban Beast Project attempts to document and exhibit the almost extinct plight of wild and feral animals living in the midst of our urban areas. Using adaptive skills, these beasts carved out a new "natural" system of living from the peripheries of buildings, roads and parks. While most of the Urban Beasts described within have met the end of their species, it is our hope that with exposure and attention many other Beasts will be saved.
Robert Marbury


Thanks to Andy Newman and the New York Times for including the Urban Beast Project in an article on Stuffed Animals tied to the Grills of Trucks and Vans on November 13, 2005.

If you have pictures of stuffed animals on vehicles, please send them my way.

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